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Quality Service Matters

Wednesday, September 28th, 2011

PCS Quality ServiceAt Payroll Control Systems we believe our number one differentiator is our dedication to our Clients and the quality of service we deliver.  We’ve always had a philosophy of putting the needs of the Customer first and making an effort to truly listen to what our Clients are saying to us.  But just saying we deliver on our promises wasn’t good enough.  We wanted proof.

In order to find out if we were performing to Customer expectations, we launched an Annual Survey campaign December of 2009 where we proactively reached out to our Clients via phone to conduct a basic satisfaction survey.  In June of 2010, we expanded the survey to include more detailed and focused questions related to specific service departments within PCS.

We also realized that the best path to quality service with new customers was providing an implementation that was more of a transition instead of a typical payroll conversion.  We spent over three months revamping our on-boarding processes and capabilities and began surveying our new Customers after they had been on our service for 30 days.

The results of both surveys are amazing!

30 Day New Client Survey
The results from over 100 surveys done to date in 2011 are as follows:

(Ratings are on a Scale of 1 to 4 with 4 being the highest rating)

Question 1: Your Salesperson made a lot of promises when presenting our services.  How are we doing on living up to those promises? Average Rating = 3.786 or 94.64%

Question 2: How would you rate our conversion team?  Average Rating = 3.768 or 94.20%

Question 3: How would you rate our training team?  Average Rating = 3.83 or 95.76%

Question 4: How would you rate your overall conversion experience?  Average Rating = 3.80 or 95.09%

Final Question: Would you recommend us? YES = 95.5%

We’re excited about these results, especially the response on recommending PCS after only 30 days on our service!  As you can imagine, conversion is the most difficult time to be perceived as providing a high level of Customer awareness and service.  The high ratings are indicative of our team’s commitment to making PCS conversions feel like an easy transition.

Annual Quality Service Survey
We ask quite a few questions on this survey dependent upon the services our Customers are receiving.  For purposes of this article, I’m going to focus on the main component, Customer Satisfaction Level and willingness to recommend and / or be a reference for PCS.

Again, the ratings are on a scale of 1 to 4 with 4 being the highest.  Here are the results from 780 surveys conducted between 06/2010 to 09/2011:

Overall Satisfaction: Average Rating = 3.85 or 96.31%

Satisfaction with Client Account Manager = 3.86 or 96.47%

Client Account Manager Promptness = 3.82 or 95.48%

Would You Recommend Us? = 98.59%

Would You Be a Reference For Us? = 97.56%

Again, we are very excited about the results of the survey as they show that our efforts are paying off.  We’re especially happy that over 97% of our Customers would take time out of their busy day to provide a reference for us!

What’s Next?
Even though the survey results were extremely positive, we’re striving to get even better.  Last week all PCS employees went through an extensive four hour Quality Service training facilitated by Rich Breu from Breu Bros. Garage, “The Business Mechanics – Making Your Business Run Better”.  Rich has worked with companies large and small providing high level consulting and training.  Our goal is to continue raising our service level via providing a quality Customer experience by truly listening to our Clients and anticipating their needs both present and future.

If you’re a PCS Customer, please feel free to comment on this article, we’re always looking for additional feedback!  If you’re not a PCS Customer, please visit our website or contact us for more information.  We’d love to show you the PCS difference!

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