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Are Telecommuters Happier and Healthier?

Sunday, July 31st, 2011

Working From HomeIn a recent survey done by Staples Advantage, the business to business division of Staples, Inc., 86 percent of telecommuters said they felt better and were more productive when working from home.  The SHRM article reporting on this survey stated that telecommuters were:

  • Happier and Healthier: stress levels were down 25 percent and happiness was up 28 percent, plus 73 percent said they ate healthier when working from home.
  • More Loyal: on average, respondents were traveling 77 miles round trip to work prior to telecommuting.  By working from home they saved this time and used it to spend extra time on work related tasks.
  • Better Balanced: 80 percent stated they were better balanced with work and life.

The survey also noted opportunities to improve the telecommuting experience such as providing allowances for furniture, equipment and supplies.  Improvement in these areas helps to create a more efficient home office setting that maximizes productivity.

Technology obviously plays a lead role in establishing a solid telecommuting environment for the employee.  In addition to internet connectivity and secure access to company networks telecommuters rely on email, instant messaging, videoconferencing and unified communications technologies to stay connected to their co-workers.  Implementation of a proactive security and data backup strategy are very important to ensure confidentiality and data integrity.  The SHRM article strongly recommends IT and security best practice training along with providing telecommuters with tools that make it easy for them to collaborate and stay connected.

PCS offers internet based timekeeping, payroll and HR solutions that can help keep all employees connected and informed.

  • Timekeeping: PCS offers two choices for timekeeping, both of which have the ability to collect in/out punches or honor-based entries via the internet.  Supervisors can edit the time and approve the hours worked online making it easy to collect and approve payroll each period.
  • Payroll: Most of our payroll processing packages include employee self service (ESS) which allows the employee to view and print various demographic information including check stubs and pay history.
  • HR Solutions: Our HR System provides the complete employee ESS experience including the ability to view, edit and print information in their employee file.  You decide what the employee can view or edit and if you allow editing, whether approval is needed for the change to flow into your HRIS, payroll and timekeeping systems.
  • Paycards: The PCS paycard solution allows you to electronically pay every employee in your company without worrying about their banking status.  The employee can achieve no fee card usage by following simple user instructions to access or transfer their funds.

Utilization of these products and services is making it easier to deal with the new telecommuting employee and allows many companies to achieve paperless payroll and electronic HR files.  In most cases, the implementation and on-going costs are offset within months due to the efficiencies created.

For more on these services, contact us or call us directly at 763.513.5951

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Bob Willbanks
VP of Sales and Marketing
Payroll Control Systems

Legal Disclaimer: This article is intended for informational purposes only and by no means should replace or substitute other legal documents (governmental or non-governmental) reflecting similar content or advice. If you have any questions concerning your situation or the information provided, please consult with an attorney, CPA or HR Professional.

Joe’s Jottings

Sunday, February 27th, 2011

Joe ReillyWith gasoline prices soaring, now may be the time to go paperless!

World unrest is causing a huge spike in the cost of fuel.  This translates into additional delivery surcharges that affect all of us.  If your payroll is being delivered, the cost of delivery is sure to go up.  Do yourself and your company a favor…consider paperless payroll.  Eliminating delivery charges can create dramatic cost savings!  And, for those employees who are “unbanked,” you can provide a safe, efficient way to pay them through our “pay cards.”  The cost to employees is virtually nothing compared to expensive check cashing services.

Please call your Client Account Manager today to learn more about how we can help save you money!  Our goal is, and always has been, to help you maximize the benefit of our services.  Providing outstanding value to our customers is how we maintain our A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.  In fact, we are the ONLY payroll service in Minnesota to have that rating!

As always, if there is anything I can do to personally help you or answer any questions, please call me.  Whether it is suggestions or compliments, I’d love to hear from you.  My cell phone number is 763-567-8387.

Best wishes for continued success in 2011!!

Joe Reilly

Founder & CEO