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Global Cash Card Announces Mobile Web

Monday, March 26th, 2012

Global Cash Card02/21/2012

Global Cash Card, the proven specialist in customized paycard solutions, announces the launch of Mobile Web, a website formatted specifically for mobile devices allowing cardholders to securely login to their account anytime, from anywhere and access important information on demand.

“The primary driver to develop this function was that smartphones and tablets are growing in popularity,” said Danny Jung, Senior Systems Architect at Global Cash Card.

Based on a recent study conducted by Global Cash Card, 30% of the company’s website traffic comes from mobile devices. This is a 150% increase over last year’s findings. Global Cash Card anticipates mobile device traffic to increase dramatically as smartphones and tablets saturate the market.

“It is very important to be as inclusive as possible, and to that end, we support all devices, iPhones, iPads, iPods, Android, Blackberry, and even Kindle,” said Jung. “The goal of the Mobile Web is to make the experience easier for users; we don’t want them to have to go home to use their computer or find an ATM to check their balance, or even have to call our customer service.”

Cardholders simply log on to from a mobile device and are automatically directed to the user-friendly mobile site, which is tailored to their specific device, to view their balance, transaction history, and/or paystub information, as well as transfer funds to another card, bank account, or payee.

In addition to Mobile Web, Global Cash Card offers Two-Way Texting. By sending simple text commands, account information such as balances, purchases, pay amounts, and debited transactions are responded back instantly.

Mobile Web is a free service offered through secure connections, encrypted data transfers and other best practices that provide users with the utmost security for their mobile devices.

For more information visit our website or contact:

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Business Development Manager
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About Global Cash Card

Payroll Control Systems has partnered with Global Cash Card™ to provide PayCards for our Clients and their employees.

Global Cash Card™ is the proven specialist in customized paycard solutions that are simple to implement and easy to use. The company is a wholly owned subsidiary of World Processing, Ltd, a leader in electronic financial transaction technology. Global Cash Card is a direct processor that offers Debit MasterCard cards and Visa Prepaid cards. The company develops and owns the proprietary software, which enables the products and services it offers.