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Thursday, March 31st, 2011

Joe ReillyMarch 31, 2011

By Joe Reilly

We are not an “employment agency,” but we can be a great source for referrals!

Because PCS operates at the center of every business… payroll… we become aware of many situations where companies are “downsizing, rightsizing,” or just making changes in infrastructure, which often affect good employees.  And, let’s face it; in today’s economy it can be very difficult to find a new opportunity…even for the highest quality employee.

We also become aware of companies that are in need of good people!  So, let us help on both sides.  If you are downsizing in the areas of administration, finance, or payroll, tell us.  Provide us with some details, and your PCS contact will forward the information to others within our organization.  If you have a need in one of these areas, tell us.  Of course, we can’t always guarantee that we can help, but we can at least be another avenue of opportunity for companies and good employees!!

Our job at PCS is to bring value to our customers.  If that means helping you beyond just processing payroll, then we’re happy to be of service!

Please call me anytime if you have suggestions or thoughts about how we can help you and your company succeed.  My cell phone number is 763-567-8387.  I can be reached anytime.

Best wishes for a bright future!

Joe Reilly, Jr.

Founder and CEO

Payroll Control Systems