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Joe’s Jottings – August 2010

Tuesday, August 31st, 2010

Joe ReillyBy: Joe Reilly, President
Payroll Control Systems

As I’ve said in my notes before, “you can’t do it alone.”  I know many of you who are our newer clients that have recently started your businesses have often thought, “How am I going to do this?”  It’s actually easy, once you realize that you can’t…and don’t need to…do it alone.  Those of you who have “been around,” know exactly what I mean!

On my recent vacation, I had a chance to reflect on what circumstances led up to my being recognized with the Entrepreneur of the Year Award.  I realized that every step of the way, from the beginning, I was assisted in one way or the other by friends, family, past employees, past business associates, and in some unusual circumstances, by strangers.  Collectively, let’s call all of these folks “incidental helpers.”

True, there are “nay-sayers” out there.  And yet, most people WANT to see you succeed.  That’s why sports teams have cheering fans…the fans want to see the team succeed!!  Your incidental helpers can do more than cheer…their help can be direct; it can be financial, emotional, physical or strategic, through appropriate “introductions.”  It can be long term or short term, and from a lesser degree to a greater degree.

In the final analysis, my point is that we all need to rely on others to accomplish our goals, whether they be business or personal.  PCS’s goals are being achieved through the team efforts of our staff.

Whether personal or professional, I wish you the best success in achieving your goals through the help of your unique “incidental helpers!”


Joe Reilly