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Employee Names on Form W-2

Saturday, December 31st, 2011

Employee Names on W-2sIt’s important to understand how employee names will be displayed on the W-2 forms so you can make sure they are entered correctly in the payroll system.  W-2’s provide information to your employees, the SSA, IRS and state and local governments so it’s important to try to correct any entry errors, which cause processing delays, before the end of December each year.

One way you can take preventative measures at year-end is by running the Employee Profile report.   This report gives detailed employee information and page breaks by employee so it can be distributed to your employees so they can make sure their W-2 information including social security number, spelling of full name and home address are correct.

An employee’s name should be entered exactly as it is displayed on their social security card.  If an employee has a name change, you should use the name on the original card until you see a corrected card.  Do not show titles or academic degrees, such as “Dr.,” “RN,” or “Rev.,” as those are not included on the social security card.  Generally, do not enter “Jr.,” “Sr.,” or any numerical suffixes unless the suffix appears on the card, and in that case, it should be entered after the last name in the “last name” field.  If the employee has a middle name or middle initial on their SSN card, it should be entered in the middle name field but no punctuation should be included since it needs to be entered exactly as it is on their social security card.

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