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New PCSTime Clock Options

Friday, December 7th, 2012

PCS offers two integrated web-based timekeeping packages that provide solutions to businesses across all industries – PCSTime and PCSTimeForce.  Our best-in-breed software philosophy allows us to match the appropriate tier of industry-leading software to your organization.

PCSTime is a powerful yet affordable timekeeping system that gives you the choices you are looking for on a budget you can live with.  It’s the most intuitive, user-centric system on the market and can be customized for your needs.

PCSTimeForce is our most dynamic timekeeping system.  Complete integration to our Payentry payroll product offers both employees and supervisors/administrators a single-point login and full data synchronization.

We are proud to announce several new time clock options for our PCSTime product.  All of these time clocks come with a lifetime warranty, connect via Ethernet or wireless and are real-time.  PCS is also offering a credit for your existing clocks if you would like to upgrade your clocks.

 For more information please contact our Timekeeping Product Manger, Chris Flynn:

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Proximity Clock

Proximity clock technology is replacing older magnetic strip technology as it is more reliable (no moving parts) and quicker (employees simply tap in/out).  This clock is a great value and is our best seller.  Proximity cards or key fobs (pictured) can be used in conjunction with this clock.

Biometric Finger Print Clock

The American Payroll Association estimates that “buddy punching” accounts for up to 5% of gross payroll costs each year.  Biometric clocks will save on labor costs by eliminating buddy punching.  Our brand new biometric finger print clock offers a color screen display to assist employees in capturing biometric punches when clocking in and out. The on-screen display enables employees to view their fingerprint position and pressure, and adjust as needed. The unit also offers a highly durable, non-gel fingerprint sensor for improved performance. This is an ideal fit for employers desiring a user friendly biometric employee verification clock.

Professional Proximity Clock

Our Professional Proximity Clock integrates many features into a small unit.  It is intended for professional wall mounting – wiring to be buried in wall. It features a built-in proximity badge reader that reads standard 125 KHz Mango cards and can also be used with 3rd party readers via an industry standard Wiegand connection to work with existing security and door access systems.  It also features a built-in bell-ringer relay that enables the clock to work with bell ringer systems.  This clock is a great option if you have a door access or security system and would like your employees to use the same card/fob to clock in/out.


VoiceClock is a telephone-enabled collection device that provides timekeeping punch collection through the convenience of a phone line.  Whether your employees work remotely, are located temporarily off-site, or simply do not have access to a traditional time clock, VoiceClock enables employees to punch in and out remotely over the phone.  We have had tremendous success with this product in environments that feature multiple locations and/or many offsite employees.  Additionally, this product can be customized to meet your unique needs.

 For more information please contact our Timekeeping Product Manger, Chris Flynn:

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PCS Timekeeping Products Create Efficiency

Thursday, May 31st, 2012

TimekeepingToday’s automated timekeeping technology is a powerful resource for businesses, both large and small. It is designed to offer exceptional convenience, and to substantially improve profit margins by reducing the cost of labor.

Our integrated timekeeping packages offer solutions for all types of businesses. Whether you make use of the traditional badge swipe, utilize the new biometric (fingerprint or hand punch) clocks, or your employees clock in from their PC, you can enjoy a solution, or network of solutions, that make managing your labor efficient.

Staying competitive in business today requires companies to find new, controllable ways to drive revenues and profitability. On that note, many companies today do not realize that they can significantly reduce the cost of one of their greatest expenses, employee labor, thus increasing company profitability.

The American Payroll Association (APA) has declared numerous ways in which companies are hurting their profitability by not implementing today’s automated timekeeping technology. Take a look, and evaluate where your company could save:

Cost 1:  Human Error

The APA estimates that the rate of human error in time card preparation and totaling is between 1% and 8%. Therefore, a conservative 2% error rate on a $12,000 payroll would equal $240 in erroneous wages.

Cost 2:  Wasted Labor Minutes

Did you know that just 15 employees receiving pay for merely 4 minutes of “wasted” time per day (untracked breaks, extended lunches, over-approximated punch times, etc.) will total 1380 minutes (23 hours) of additional pay per month?

Cost 3:  Manual Time Card Totaling

The average payroll clerk spends 7 minutes per time card each pay period:

  • Preparing and handling time cards
  • Computing time card totals
  • Verifying time card totals
  • Computing shift and department totals
  • Reconstructing lost or damaged time cards

The Cost: Preparing 100 time cards will take an estimated 11.67 hours to complete.  Therefore, at an average clerical wage of $15.00 per hour, time card preparation would cost $175.05 per pay period.

Today’s automated timekeeping technology is a valuable resource as it is able to eliminate these costs, and save you significant amounts of time.

For more information on PCS Timekeeping products and services, click here.

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