M3 and Payentry Tip – When To Use the Rev Code

Payentry - M3 TipsWhen to use the Reversal pay-type (coded as “Rev” in the system):

The payroll system itself will use the “Rev” pay-type when it is needed.  When voiding a check on the employee pay history screen, the system will automatically assign the entry a pay-type of “Rev” and places the entry into the V/M batch for you.

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If you are making a negative manual entry that doesn’t match a specific check in the employee pay history, it should be done using the check calculator.  The check calculator creates the entry as a manual pay-type and places it into the V/M batch.

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The most common mistake is negative entries placed in the normal batch, with the pay-type manually switched to “Rev”.  With this setting, even if a check number is added to the entry, the system will still produce a voucher when the payroll processes.  This may result in the employee receiving two check stubs, one being the normal pay and the other being the details of the negative entry, which may cause questions.

The answer to this question is:  You should never have to set this pay-type manually; the system will automatically use it when it is needed.

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